The release of Photographs showing Balachandran the 12 year old,  younger son of LTTE leader Prabhakaran alive in a military bunker and lying dead has evoked much controversy. New war crime has been framed against srilanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa for killing LTTE leader Prabhakaran son, Balachandran. While the TV charges that Balachandran was killed by the Sri Lankan military after he and his bodyguards had surrendered to the army. A new war crime has been added before the UNHRC meet in Geneva.  A pro Tamil supporters (so called) has started a country wide agitation against Rajapaksa.

We strongly condemned the killings of innocent people during the civil war led by Srilankan army under the rule of Rajapaksa. There should be no biased while trail is in process in International court of Justice.  Mean while We shouldn’t ignore the killings of innocent Tamil Muslims in northern provinces of Srilanka by LTTE led by Prabhakaran which is more in number than by Srilankan forces.

The LTTE has been engaged in a systematic and brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against Muslims and Sinhalese living in the North and Eastern Provinces in its fanatical attempt to create an ethnically pure Tamil State.  LTTE Cadres attacked the mosque in kattankudi killing 147 Muslim men and boys while offerings Friday Isha prayers. “Why such massacre ignored by so called Pro Tamil Supporters?

Many Muslims in Kilinochchi and Mannar were forced to leave their homeland. The turn of
Jaffna came; when LTTE trucks drove through the streets ordering Muslim families to assemble. There, they were told to exit the city within two hours. The entire Muslim population was expelled from Jaffna. They could take with them only the clothes they were wearing and no more than 500 rupees in cash. Their houses were subsequently looted by the LTTE. “Why No Voice has been raise in the support of Tamil Muslims by so called Pro Tamil Supporters”.

Khattankudi incident was the worst massacre of civilians since the resumption the conflict, human rights has been abused towards the Muslim community, “Why there is no genocide crime against LTTE led by Prabhakaran for ethnic cleansing”.  
after gaining a great wealth and shelter these muslims where send out from their own lands! . “Why No Voice has been raise in the support of Tamil Muslims by so called Pro Tamil Supporters”. 
In khattankudi the most of the infants where killed and shot dead by LTTE . “Why No Voice has been raise in the support of Tamil Muslims by so called Pro Tamil Supporters”. 
Many muslims where brutally killed in a place moodur, from the state of trikonamalai and about 30000 muslims where made as refugees and they where settled in kinyaa, mullipatnam, kandalai  refugee camp. “Why No Voice has been raise in the support of Tamil Muslims by so called Pro Tamil Supporters even after knowing these histories?”.  
Permanent Ceasefire agreement has been signed between LTTE and Srilankan Government in which Norway and Japan act as mediator, It has decided that a delegation on behalf of the Muslims too would participate in the dialogue between the Government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam which was ignored by LTTE due to dislike of Muslim community where the “Pro Tamil supporters ignored to raised voice against such”.

Reconciliation between the LTTE and Muslims in eastern Sri Lanka, leaders of the Muslim community reached a deal with the Liberation Tigers for the return of the majority of land which was seized by LTTE. This was breached by LTTE and failed to handover the lands.

So called “Pro Tamil Supporters” are bind to answers to all above questions which are raised. These intellectuals used to raise their voice if the  same kind of brutal  is organized by Hindu terrorist outfits in India , Why do they lobby for LTTE? Our Question to those is why do you different stands for same scenario.

We have already published an article in Unarvu edition 17 : 27 (Tamil Weekly Magazine of TNTJ ) about the reason why Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamaath was not raising voice against the so called oppressed (LTTE). Moulvi P. Zainul Abideen has called for open forum to discuss his statement against the support, so called “Pro Tamil Supporters” and political pundits (Spineless men) ignored his call and busy in verbal attack against him during public speeches.

Now we called an open floor to discuss on such atrocities acts which is led under LTTE leader Prabhakaran which is greater than war crime charge against srilankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa.  We will show the supportive documents against ethnic cleansing during the debate. Rather spreading the unauthentic fact and initiate dispute communal harmony, step in to the floor and prove yourself that your stands are valuable.

Many Muslims (by name) men and Muslim political honcho who already have Trust Deficit ignored the genocide and support the LTTE to gain the vote banks, those honchos are also invited to the floor to stand on their voice supportive to LTTE.

During 2008, Ace Director Mr. Ameer arranged a dialogue meet between Srilankan MP Sivajilingam, LTTE Supporter and P. Zainul Abideen. Bro. PJ started to deployed the facts and statistical figures regarding the atrocities carried by LTTE which make MP Sivajilingam to diminished to lay his unsupportive facts.

PJ said to implicate the Ceasefire agreement by including the North Eastern Muslims groups for the implacable of peace around the corners which was ignored and breached the pact. Which made him to change in to silence mode.  He in turn promised during the talk, to pass this message to LTTE Leader Prabhakaran to frame an amicable solution which was later passed on air. This clearly pictures the true face of LTTE.

Floor is free to your speech. All supporters are invited.

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